Shane Brophy (Melbourne, Vic.)

I ordered myself a Reuben LP ‘Burst’ last August recieved it about 4 weeks ago..

Oh man – this guitar has far surpassed my expectations! (See ‘Voodoo Burst’ Pics!)

Reuben Hand Selected all the Timbers an even sent me pics of a number of top examples to choose from, the Sound, Quality, Fit and Finish of this guitar is ‘to die for’ ..

I have owned a number of Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul’s and have actually been fortunate enough to play a ’57 LP and this Guitar I think comes closest to that Quality, Look, Tone and Feel ..

Cheers Reuben😎

P.S. I also own a Custom Made Rockpig wich is an absolute monster theres a review of that on Reubens guitar page on Facebook..