Jimi ‘The Human”Hocking

I’ve spent most of my career playing a handful of exceptional guitars. I love Gold Tops and Juniors. My main instruments have been a ’69 and ’73 Gold Top, and a ’56 Junior.Some years ago I decided I didn’t want to take these vintage guitars on tour anymore. I got myself a nice PRS and a Grubisa. I’ve been happy with them, but I’ve really missed having a LP Gold Top… it’s ‘my’ guitar. I tried many of Gibson’s current models and reissues, but they just didn’t work out for me. In 2018 I met Reuben who told me he could make a ’54 LP Replica (my dream guitar). Next time I was in Qld (December 2018) Reuben opened a case to reveal what was to become my musical companion till the present day. My Reuben #33 Gold Top Replica is easily one of my favourite instruments. The sound and feel of #33 is far beyond anything I expected, It is the guitar I take to every gig. I have subsequently become a Reuben devotee and own three of his instruments, including a bitchin’ Rock Pig. I simply cannot recommend him highly enough.