Brett Williams (Choirboys)

After stumbling across my Profile on Social Media, Reuben sent me a Handwound Replacement Pickup to try out in my 1968 Gibson Goldtop Deluxe (the poor old guitar had been butchered on the road back in the early 90’s). That Pickup was very nice but a little too “High Output” for my Playing Style – Reuben took notes and wound me something he felt would be “Spot On”…

About a month or so later, Reuben visited my place in Sydney, on a Gig Trip from Cairns, where he spent half a day (and night…) installing his handwound pickups in both of my Les Pauls and generally setting them up so that they played beautifully.

Since that time, Reuben has sent me some Beautiful Les Paul Replicas (which we share a love for). His attention to detail and his craftsmanship in building guitars is second to none. More recently, he has been sending me his Signature Rockpig models which I play pretty much exclusively live now. I’ve never had so many compliments on my live sound as I have since I started using the Rockpigs, .

Over the years Reuben has become a Good Friend and Trusted Advisor. He has been incredibly supportive of my music and my playing and I value his opinion and talent very much.

I can’t recommend his Talents or his Guitars highly enough!