Reuben’s Hand-wound Vintage 50X Replica Pickups!

Butyrate Bobbins, 42AWG Enamel Wire, Your Choice of A2, A3, A4 or A5 Roughcast Magnets, Maple Spacers, Nickel Plated Base and Hardware, Brass Bobbin Screws, 2 Conductor Braided Wire, Unpotted (Wax Potted on Request)

*Nickel or Gold Plated Covers are Available – Please Enquire for Prices!

We offer 2 Different Winds depending on Your Guitar’s Construction Glue Type.

*Tite-bond Wind – a Modified Wind designed for late 1980s to circa 2014 Custom Shop Reissues constructed with Tite-bond Glues.

*Hide Glue Wind – The Original Wind designed for Recent Custom Shop Reissues constructed with Hide Glue.

We have 5 Models to choose from!

*50XSupaLow – 7.1kohm 

Low Output Humbucker, Clear and Crisp – works great in HSS or Strat Style Single Coil Guitars!

*50XLow – 7.4kohm

Clear, Crisp, Singing and Flutey Toned – A Magic LP Neck Pickup

*50XMed – 7.7kohm 

Clear, Crisp and Snarling with a Nice Mid Kick – A Fantastic Bridge Pickup

*50XHigh – 8.1kohm

Clear and Sightly Hotter again, Slightly Darker – Good Mid-range, a Big Loud Bridge Pickup.

*50XHot – 8.5kohm

A Hot and Chunky Bridge Pickup, Huge Mid-range and still has Great Definition in the Tone.

If you have any further enquires please email us:

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