Not in Far North Queensland Region? Freight your Instrument to our Workshop!

Shiny New Vintage Sized and Cryogenic Hardened Frets!
1976 Martin D28 New Neck Made, Finished and Fitted
1976 Martin D28 New Neck Made, Finished and Fitted
Thin Nitro Butterscotch Blonde Finish!
Drying! #41 Voodoo Burst
Neck Resets!
Neck Smashed
Neck Repaired!
Zebra 50X PAF Replicas

For every type of Instrument Repair or Modification you might need – we can get it done!

Service/Setups, Fret Work, Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Refinish, Refret, Neck Resets, Headstock Break Repairs, Acoustic Bridge and Bracing Reglues, Rewire, Pickup Installation, and more!

Email us ( with “clear and bright” pictures of the Problem or Modification you require. We can return you a Work Quote and if you decide to send your Instrument to our Workshop simply do the following –

#1 – Loosen your Strings, Pack your Instrument into a Guitar Case Cardboard Shipping Carton. (Your Local Music Store should have some )

#2 – Weigh your Guitar Package Accurately, Record the Dimensions.

#3 – Click the “Interparcel link” below to book your Freight and Insurance to and from our Workshop!

#4 – Enter our Freight Details in your Parcel Quote – Reuben’s Guitar Repairs – 6 Ascot Avenue, Westcourt, Queensland 4870, Phone Number 07 4221 1624 (Save our Freight Details into the “Address Book” for booking your return freight!)

#5 – Printout the Shipping Label from the Freight Company – Attach to the Box, Make sure the whole carton is taped up and packed up tight.

#6 – Wait for the Courier to Collect!

#7 – We will call you when your Instrument has arrived and been unpacked!

#8 – When job is complete we will contact you via email with completed repair/modification photos and an Invoice.

#9 – Once the Invoice is paid, You can book your return freight and insurance, we will box the instrument up ready for collection!

#10 – Unpack your Instrument, Gently Tighten Truss Rod 1/4 Turn, Tune to Pitch, Let Instrument settle for 1 Hour, Gently Adjust Truss Rod to Line Up the Marks (See Pic Below) or a further 1/8 to 1/4 Turn, Let Settle for a Further 30 Minutes, Back off Truss Rod a Little if Action is Buzzy. Now you should be Enjoying a Great Sounding and Playing Instrument for the next 12 Months or so!

Truss Rod Adjustment Mark
Truss Rod Adjustment Mark



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