Autumn has arrived!

We are on our way to another Beautiful Far North Queensland Winter!

It’s great weather for Building and Finishing and we have a few on the go at the moment! be sure to check the “Rockpig” and “Repairs and Builds” Galleries for some new pics added!

We will be closed from Easter Friday (April 7th) and will Open again on Monday April 23rd. A hard earned “Working Holiday” awaits! No Rest for The Wicked as they say….

Also we need to remind Customers who have a battery/batteries mounted in their Preamp System to always leave the Batteries out whenever they are not plugging in so their Batteries don’t ooze/explode all over the inside of their Expensive Preamps! This is something we see often in North Queensland and it is avaoidable! The damageto the Preamp System may not be evident immediately but trust us – it is the beginning of a swift end for the Preamp System. See Pictures below!

Maton Preamp “Dead” from Battery Ooze!
Mini Maton Battery Ooze Pic 2
Mini Maton Battery Ooze Pic 2
Mini Maton Battery Ooze Pic 1
Mini Maton Battery Ooze Pic 1

Have a Great March and we shall update the site again soon!

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