Back on Deck in 2023!!

Hi All,

We sincerely hope you and your loved ones had a safe and enjoyable 2022/2023 Holiday Season.

We are back on the Tech/Tools from today (Tuesday Jan 3rd) and we are open for normal Business Hours (Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 1pm)

Feel free to drop in anytime during business hours to 6 Ascot Avenue, Westcourt, with your Instruments that may need Adjustment/Service or alternatively you can call the Workshop on 07 4221 1624 if you feel the need to call.

Also, you can email us anytime at and we will respond to any enquiries as soon as possible during business hours.

**We have lowered some Job Prices down a bit to try and help Musicians with being able to afford to Eat, Live in a House, have their Instruments Maintained and small things like that.

Clean/Restring Packages are still $49 (Strings & Parts Extra)

Service/Setup Packages are still $125 (Strings & Parts Extra)

Bridge Reglue/Setup Service Packages are now $275 (Strings & Parts Extra)

Fret Dress/Setup Service Packages are now $275 (Strings 7 Parts Extra)

Acoustic Steel String Neck Reset/Service/Setup Packages are now $420 (Strings & Parts Extra)

Unbound Fingerboard Refret/Service/Setup Packages are now $525 (Strings & Parts Extra)

Bound Fingerboard Refret/Service/Setup Packages are now $585 (Strings & Parts Extra)**

We know it’s tough to pay bills and exist at the moment and we don’t believe anyone who isn’t Filthy Rich doesn’t feel the pinch of inflation. Let’s hope that wages raise to ease the pain of insane rates of inflation asap…

The Wet Season has truly arrived here in the Far North of Queensland and it is normal for Musical Instruments to Swell Up, Buzz, Belly and Warp with all the moisture available in the current weather patterns! We can setup the Instrument for Wet Season but once the Winter arrives you may find it may need another Setup due to changing humidity levels throughout the Year.

It is not uncommon for Acoustic and Electric Instrument Electronics to play up/fail with the current weather also. We offer an Electronics Cleanout Service but more commonly preamps fail up here in the Far North due to Humidity/Corrosion/ Salt Air and Battery Acid Seepage etc. It is reasonable to expect to replace Preamps more often in the Tropics. Otherwise your onboard electronics will ultimately be unreliable even after replacing parts or components.

As always we endeavour to complete work on your Instrument as we run down the que after the Instrument has been dropped off at our Workshop. That can be 2- 5 Working Days depending on current workloads. We will always give a Completeion Estimate when gear is being dropped off. We do not offer same day Service (rushjobs) under any circumstances.

Check out the Pictures of what’s been happening in the Workshop over the last couple of months!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year from Reuben’s Guitar Repairs.

Repairs and Refinish Work
Nitro Refinish
Nitro Clears
Fret Dress after Drying
50X Handwound Pickups Installed
Montreaux Vintage Vibe Covers fitted
Refinish #048 & #045
Vinyl is better.
An Amazing USA James Taylor Superstrat!

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