Our New Adverts with Cairns 89.1FM !!

Keep an ear out for out new Ads being spun on Cairns 89.1FM! There are 4 different versions out there, here is the Banjo Version!

We would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to Tom Watters (Tommy Tbone) from Cairns 89.1 FM for hooking us up!

Check it out!

We also have our Populat “Glow In The Dark” Picks back in stock! Check out the pics!

Night 🌙 Time!

We also have a few Builds and Refinishes on the go at the moment so there is lots of Sawdust being avoided with my Respirator Mask! Some really cool stuff/pics will be uploaded on the Website soon!

Be safe until we websurf again!

Cheers from Reuben

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