Whats Been Going on?

We have been flat out with Service and Repairs on lots of Lovely Maton, Taylor, Takamine Acoustic Guitars to name a few, lots of Fret Work, Top Cracks, Dropped Braces and Dead Preamp Systems and Neck Resets!! We LOVE fixing them up no matter what the issue is and we are always keen to see a Customer’s reaction when they play it when they come to collect their beloved Acoustic (And Electric!) Guitars!!

As always – we would like to extend a warm “THANK YOU” to all of our Customers for their Patience while waiting for Parts to arrive from our Suppliers, You Gals and Guys ROCK!!

We have also had time to Refinish and “Refinish” a couple more Guitars also – check out the Pics below!

#047 Refinish in a Dark Slate Grey Mettalic!!
#046 “Refinish” in Aged Sunset Mettalic!!
Heavy Modified and Gold Sparkle Refinish to a Fender Professional 2 Stratocaster!!

Anyways – in a Nutshell, that is what we have been up too since the last Blog Post.

Strings and Smiles to Everyone,

Reuben’s Guitar Repairs

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