The Horror of a Broken Headstock!! How we Fix a Trainwreck….

Oh The Horror!!!

If this happens to you, don’t get too upset – everything can be fixed up stronger than original!

It has a New Custom Made Carbon Fibre Headstock Overlay for added Strength, a Custom Made Pearl Logo, the Customer didn’t care about the Les Paul Script but we do have the facilities to screenprint a new one on top of or under the Lacquer during Paintwork.

Please keep your Gibson in its HARDCASE if it is not being played, keep the case on its side or flat on its back, I wouldn’t stand them up as I have seen a few break in the case after it fell over!

Treat your Instrument like a Loved Pet 😍 ✨️

Enjoy the Repaired Pics below!

New Carbon Fibre Overlay about to be Inlaid w/ New Logo!
Back View
Can’t Stop, Hammertime..
A Great LP Traditional!
Amazing Looking!
Back of Headstock View
All Better Now!

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