“Online Buying” – The Positives, Pitfalls and Potential Scams….

I have waited a long time to give this subject a spin on my website….

It seems more and more people are buying Musical Instruments and Amplifiers online from large Music Store Chains in Australia and Overseas.

Good for them!

In the case of Buying NEW Instruments my guess is that the Larger Stores Online may have more Stock and a better choice of Equipment. Plus they are very experienced in packing Musical Equipment for the journey to its new Owner. You will quickly develop a customer/salesperson relationship with a Good Reputable Store and you may find you do most of your online shopping with them!

Online stores are generally Helpful and Knowledgeable when it comes to the product lines they are selling and supplying. Often times they will advise if you may or may not need any extra accessories when you buy a musical instrument from them.

The worst that can happen is Shipping Damage but I must say that the Courier Companies are pretty good these days because you won’t keep a Freight Customer or Contract for very long if you keep damaging equipment right?

When buying SECOND-HAND Instruments from personal experience I would suggest you pay with Crefit Card especially if you are buying something Second-hand, you want to be able to get your money refunded by contacting your Bank if the item fails to turn up or it is a scam, or if the Headstock of a Second-hand Les Paul Standard has been broken off, not shown in the picture and then shoved into the case pocket… The Customer had no way of getting a refund as he direct deposited into their account and they would not answer their phone… yep, I saw that happen to a customer 8 years ago, we repaired it for them but it was an extra expense aside from the actual purchase of the Instrument. Ouch….

If the Instrument turns up and needs Adjustment or any Special Modifications your Local Instrument Repairer is the place to go.

I would say that 80% of the Guitars I see are bought online, usually need a Setup to the New Owners Favourite Strings and their preferred Specs. That goes for New AND Second hand Musical Instruments.

The broken headstock Les Paul Standard did not show pictures of the whole neck in one piece there were pics of the top half of the headstock and the middle to lower part of the neck and that is how that customer got burnt!

Always ask for more pictures when buying used, if they cannot supply more clear pictures in good lighting then I would suggest you give it a miss.

Of course if you are still not sure you can call or email us during Business hours and we can take a look for you and give you our honest opinion of the Instrument’s Providence, Country of Origin, Condition and Value.

So don’t be deterred by Buying Online just do your homework, check all the pictures very carefully especially with Second-hand Instruments.

Some Rules of Thumb….

Rule # 1 – A Good Honest Seller will always have Great, Detailed, Clear and Well Lit Pictures of whatever they are selling. They are easy to deal with and communication is easy with them. They treat you like their Business/Reputation depends on it!

Rule # 2 – A Dodgy Seller usually won’t answer questions or supply clear, well lit pictures, but they will keep asking if you want to buy their instrument… I smell a rat… so best to stay away from these people as you are likely get ripped off.

Rule # 3 – If it is Too Good To Be True – Then It Probably Is…. cheaper is not always better… ..Sure you may buy a used Les Paul Standard for $1200  but the Headstock might need repairing and its another $500 – 700 for Mahogany or Maple Splines and Fresh Paint! You saved squat!!

Rule # 4 – Stop Buying Mediocre Chinese made  knock offs! If you are serious about your Sound, Tone, Playability and Instrument Reliabilty then save a bit more and Buy Higher End Chinese, Mexican, Japanese or USA Made gear if you can afford it,

Don’t be fooled by cheap price, a nice shape and shiny paint!! There are a lot of sub-par components being sold on new cheap guitars that only resemble name brands visually..

The quality difference is night and day, and your playing will usually ascend to the quality of your equipment you are using! Believe it- I have seen it many times!

#5 Be absolutely certain that the Instrument you wish to Purchase us actually IN STOCK!! I have seen people buy online and have to wait weeks and even months for what they paid for to eventually arrive.. don’t fall for it!

To get my first Gibson in 1994 – I had to sell 3 of my favourite High End Japanese Made Guitars! OUCH at the time but I was so happy with the Gibson, the Feel, the Sound, the Quality!!

I currently own 27 Guitars but I have had about 60 – 70 Instruments go through my hands before i got to the quality gear, i wish I still had all of them of course but you name it and I have probably owned one at some point in time.

The more you can Save, the Better Quality Instrument you can afford to Purchase is always “Well Worth the Wait”

Everybody Love Everybody!!

Reuben’s Guitar Repairs

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