Rockpig Modernist Prototype (the many incarnations of one guitar!)

The back was originally Black!

In a normal prototyping situation, any instrument, car, invention etc will undergo a few changes, this is Rockpig #2022 (it’s the 22nd one made in 2020!)

It started out with a bigger neck angle and different pickup layout, then I dismantled it and changed the neck angle, made the cutaway larger and sprayed it Nitro Silverburst, then it was sprayed Nitro Gold Sparkle, then the Pickup Layout changed again, this time to HH setup with a Coil Tap on both pickups.

As you can see, the colour can drastically change the look, all a part of the fun is seeing where your spray gun will take you!!

More changes to come will be on the next prototype that will pickup where this one finishes, different woods, different pickup layout, maybe a different pickup selector even.

For any Guitar Builder spec improvement is never ending. However- I feel we are close here, the basic shape does not change but the options are endless!

If you want a Custom Made Guitar or a Guitar Refinished feel free to contact us!

Everybody Love Everybody,


First Version
2nd Version
3rd Version
4th Version
The back is still silverburst!!

Keep.your eves peeled for the next Rockpig Modernist which will be serial number #2231!!

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