Don’t put up with “Terrible Action”!!

This Fender Vintera Modified is obviously very Modified by “yours truly”

2020 Fender Vintera Modified

I needed some Strat in my life for Covers Gigs to get those awesome 5 way sounds and I wound a “Stratobucker” for the Bridge (essentially an Underwound PAF by 15%)

I noticed after a while the neck went a bit warped with a ski jump on the end the Fingerboard!

I know someone who can fix that…

Anyway, Frets removed we leveled the Fingerboard dead straight and Refretted the Guitar with 6105 Frets

Mmmm… Shiny and Tall….

Guitar plays Beautifully now…. definitely worth sorting the action issue with a Refret!

So don’t put up with a Guitar or Bass with terrible action, not every issue needs a refret! It may just need a Service/Setup or maybe even a nice accurate Fret Level and Dress!

Drop in or call us anytime for pricing!

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