A Rare Gibson Model Refinished from “WTF” to Awesome Again!!

This 1980 Gibson V2 had been “Polyestered” with a paintbrush!!!??? It was bought to us needing a Chemical Strip and Nitro Refinish.

I knew this Guitar when I was 16 (about 76 years ago now!) So it was an Honour to be able to rework it back to where it should be. The Teenage Acne look this Guitar was sporting was heartbreaking to say the least.

If you are thinking about using a Carparts Shop Rattle Can OR a Paintbrush and Polyester Floor Paint on your Guitar? PLEASE DON’T.

If its a Chinese Made Whatever Model Guitar then- Go Hard – we could care less. BUT if those plans include a Quality Japanese, European or Mexican or USA Made Guitar- Instead you should bring it to us and we can Refinish Properly for you. Custom Colours are no problem.

This Guitar is quite Rare and Valuable for Players into 70s and 80s Gibson’s. We are chuffed its all back to where it should be!

Polyester colour craze
Weird Sunburn
Clothes Off!
All Done!!
Nitro Gloss
Acne Gone!

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