You Don’t Know What You’ve Been Missing!!

*Old Growth Mahogany Body and Neck,
*Eastern Maple Top,
*Pau Ferro (Bolivian Rosewood) Fingerboard
*All Hide Glue Construction
*Period Correct Aniline Dyes
*100% Nitro Lacquer Finished (Aged)
*50X Handwound Pickups 7.4k Neck, 7.7k Bridge (Not Wax Potted!)
*Switchcraft, CTS
*Abr & Lightweight Tailpiece
*Faster Vintage C Shape 59/60 Neck Nut – 42.6mm, 21.6mm @ 2nd Fret, 23.4 @ 12th Fret

*Weight is 8.9lbs!
*Pearl Inlay, Gold Script
*Pickguard in Hardcase.

#maple #anilinedyes #nitrocelluloselacquer #59/60 #handmade

Sound Clip

Excuse my messy noodling, I just decided a sound clip was needed, I have been flat out deep inside Acoustic Guitars (just the way they like it..) all day and I was blowing off some steam (pun intended..) hahaha

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