Refinish Work

Scenario # 1 – If you have ever bought a Guitar that is Magic in Tone and Playabilty but the Colour you wanted was unavailable at the time – We can make it Great!

Scenario # 2 – You have bought a Vintage Piece that has been Modified and you are interested in having your Instrument Refinished for the look it left the Factory with many years ago? – We can make it Right Again!

Scenario # 3 – You have a need to have Weird and Wonderful Colours on your Prized Instrument – We can make it happen!

As well as the look changing on the Instrument if the Instrument has been finished in Thick Polyester then you may hear a Tone Upgrade in having a Thinner Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish applied.

For more Information you can Phone us on 07 4221 1624 Between 10am and 5pm Weekdays for a Chat and Pricing Quote!

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