Long Weekend!

We are lucky enough to have a Long Weekend up here in Queensland for The Queen’s Birthday!

We are Closed Monday October 4th and will re-open 10am on Tuesday October 5th!

We have made a few 50X Pickup Sets this last few weeks, 1 Set sent to Western Australia, 1 Set was sent to the USA, Another was sent to Germany and a few more sets sold in Oz!

They are a real Favourite it seems, and we couldn’t be more Proud! The photo is a Double Creme/White Matched Set that we wound a few weeks back (7.4k Neck and 7.7k Bridge). They had some Time Machine Montreux PAF Covers Fitted before they were sent off. We have 2 different winds depending on what Adhesive your Guitar was made with (Titebond or Hide Glue) the different Winds are specially voiced for their Application and will bring out the best in your Guitar if you crave a Sweeter Vintage PAF Style Tone pushing your Amp!

Any way – See You Next Tuesday!!

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