Rain Rain go away!

Yep, your guessed it, it’s raining Cats and Dogs up here at the moment, no problem – most work can still be done but sunny 31 Degree Days sure are nicer!

We are madly Building and Painting/Finishing Guitars (Finishing definitely slows up in the wet weather!) Also we’ve got lots of nice new Rockpig and some other Custom Order Guitars going out to Customers in the next month or two – yes – all builds are Ordered and NOT going to be for sale in the workshop. Occasionally I may put some of my personal gear up for sale but as a general rule these guitars are all made to order. Once Assembled and Test Driven, they are put away in their Cases to settle for a week or 2, rechecked and Tested and then Freighted off to their New Owners!

It really is Awesome Fun to send them off to their Owners!

Building Guitars is kinda like expecting a Child – you can’t sleep – you want it to be Perfect – you want the new Owners to LOVE it – and more often than not, you would like to keep it – but Custom Ordered is just that, the specs are all tailored to the Customer’s Wishlist. I haven’t had anyone not LOVE their New Handmade Guitar yet! We are Truly Grateful!

Tomorrow is Monday – New Week, New Challenges, A Gig on Saturday Also!

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